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Professional Network

Tourette Scotland are creating a network of consultants, therapists and clinicians in

Scotland who have experience of diagnosing and treating tics and tic disorders such

as Tourette Syndrome.

Healthcare professionals who are knowledgeable about Tourette Syndrome in regards

to diagnosis and treatment are being invited to join a consultants list to be held by

Tourette Scotland. In addition we are looking for therapists and clinicians and those

who might offer therapy for tics such as HRT, ERP, CBITS etc. to join a therapists list.

As well as creating a network of professionals this would allow us to create a list of

healthcare professionals in Scotland which could be made available to patients seeking specialist advice, diagnosis and/or treatment. Such a list would mean that patients, healthcare professionals and Tourette Scotland would be better informed about healthcare professionals in Scotland. This is based on a similar model of a therapists and consultants list which exists for England and Wales.


This network would also allow Tourette Scotland to organise networking events and training opportunities for healthcare professionals.

We ask that interested healthcare professionals complete a form to allow us to understand their work (see below for the downloadable forms).

Please return the appropriate completed application form for the consultants list (for those who diagnose and treat with medication) or the form for the therapist list (for those who offer behavioural therapy treatment) to

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