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About Tourette Scotland

Tourette Scotland is a charity registered in Scotland (Scottish Charity No. SC021851).


Our mission is to:

  1. Support the lives of those living with Tourette Syndrome, their families and

  2. Create an inclusive society for those living with Tourette Syndrome.

  3. Improve the quality of and access to services for those living with
    Tourette Syndrome.

  4. Educate and raise awareness and about Tourette Syndrome and it's
    associated conditions.

Our history

Tourette Scotland was originally formed in 1994. It was formerly known as The Scottish Tourette Syndrome Support Group and it was started to fill a gap for people in Scotland who were living with Tourette Syndrome, who were unable to travel to London for support. It began because six parents of children diagnosed with TS got together, raised some money, and invited a TS specialist, Consultant Mary Robertson, to Glasgow. It was there they held their first meeting. The three main office bearers at that time were Bob Brodie (Chairperson), Betty McGeachy (Secretary), and Joanne McKay (Treasurer). It is with thanks to them that Tourette Scotland was born.

Since 1994, we have conducted research, devised training and awareness sessions and worked with our members to help educate the wider community and raise awareness of this very misunderstood condition. We work closely with our members and provide support and outreach to build resilience and reduce isolation. Our track record is proven by our growing reputation as a leading authority on the condition, and the number of requests for training, support, and outreach continues to rise rapidly as diagnosis is becoming more common. Although we exist to support people in Scotland, we network with other organisations around the world to keep up to date on new research and new approaches to dealing with Tourette Syndrome.

The charity is run entirely by a small group of voluntary Trustees and all of them either have TS themselves, or have close family members with the condition. Click here to meet the team!


We receive no government funding and so rely on fundraising and donations from the public and charitable trusts.

A multiethnic group of hands on top of each other

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