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Our Services

We offer the following services free of charge to our members. If you are interested in any of the support services listed below, please make sure you become a member.

Support & Advice

​Our primary aim is to provide support to anyone living with Tourette Syndrome and their families. Due to stretched resources, we are not able to offer a telephone helpline at present. You can, however, contact us by emailing us using our contact form or sending us a private message through our Facebook page. We also have various local support groups and private Facebook groups where you can connect with the Tourette's community. 

Tourette's Awareness Sessions

Tourette Scotland can offer awareness sessions to schools, higher education, workplaces, community groups and health professionals. The awareness sessions focus on developing an understanding of the complex nature of Tourette syndrome and the co-existing conditions that are often associated with Tourette’s. The sessions aim to dispel the myths, provide up to date information and to provide supports and strategies for school and work environments. We also promote the positives of having a diagnosis of Tourette’s.

The sessions are delivered by a small team all over Scotland and we also encourage some of our young people to engage in the awareness sessions. We currently have some young people who come out to schools to support the training and provide real life examples to education staff. 

Outreach Programme

Tourette Scotland currently offers a limited outreach programme, which is in high demand. Our outreach can be done by email, telephone contact, Zoom calls, local support groups and occasional home visits. As the charity is run solely by volunteers, we have a very small team that can offer this service. We aim to employ outreach workers to increase our capacity to offer more outreach, however we are not quite there yet so please bear with us!  


Currently, outreach takes many forms. This could range from having questions about Tourette Syndrome answered, developing a personal profile for work or education establishments so that you can achieve your potential or individualised supporting letters for Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payments. There have also been opportunities to support families when dealing with educational issues. Sometimes we can signpost you to other appropriate services. Outreach has proved very popular, and the feedback has been very positive. As a result, we will be starting a waiting list for people requesting outreach support.

Personal Profiles

Our personalised profiles offer an opportunity for our member's voice to be heard with regards to their experience of living with Tourette’s. The profile covers their strengths as well as their challenges.  Most importantly it offers an opportunity to acknowledge and explore strategies and supports which facilitate them reaching their potential either at school, University, or in the workplace. It describes current tics that might be seen and how our member would like people to respond. It also explores the impact of co-existing conditions, the challenges experienced as well as the strategies that help.

The profiles are unique to each person, and they have been referred to by some as 'the voice' of the young person or adult with Tourette’s. Tourette’s is different for everyone and our profiles reflect that.

For more information on any of our services please contact us at

Members' Feedback

"My daughter's tics have literally exploded (and continue to develop differently daily) since my parents died and I felt that the consultation with the GP did not offer any support to *** or I apart from the GP making a referral to CAMHS. CAMHS have subsequently communicated with the GP and I to advise that the neurodevelopmental team would be best placed to see ***. I am awaiting direct contact from them. I have had to research and reach out to Haven and Tourette Scotland and I am relieved and thrilled to have been offered so much support so quickly. Tourette Scotland meeting was so informative and given I have been very distressed about ***'s condition worsening, I am more understanding of the impacts to *** and how those around her can support her. The time offered to me to discuss my concerns for ***, the condition, my fears and latterly the real positives in that this condition should not stop *** from having the best life she can, surpassed my expectations. From my own perspective, you were my lifeline in a week I was at my lowest. Thank you so much. 5*"

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