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Living With You, Storytelling Project

We are delighted to present Living With You, a short play based on the real lives of young people living with Tourette Syndrome. Made possible by funding from Creative Lives.

Living With You is a two month storytelling project that began in April 2021. The aim was to enable young people with Tourette's to share their stories and bring them together through creative participation.

Eleven young people with Tourette's, aged between 12 and 22, took part. During 18 hours of Zoom calls, they each shared their stories about life within their families, schools, and communities whilst they dealt with Tourette's and how other people respond to it.

Sharing their moving stories about how Tourette's feels inside, they provided amazing insights, some that they'd never spoken about before.

Click here to watch the video of Living With You, or read our behind the scenes feature on how it was developed, and who was involved.


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