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"Britain's Tourette's Mystery" - Press Release

As many of you know, Channel 4 broadcast a documentary on 19/07/2022 called "Britain's Tourette's Mystery". Following the programme, we received countless messages from our members, both upset and concerned at the content of the show, mainly around the inaccurate information and the very damaging messages delivered.

We are proud of the way the Tourette's and FND community have united around this, and all of the UK Tourette's and FND charities have contributed to a press release created by Tourettes Action. Please feel free to share this far and wide, especially with any media contacts you may have.

Tourettes Action press release in response to Britain's Tourette's Mystery documentary

Please click on the image to access the full document, or download using the link below.

Tourettes Action Press Release 21st July 2022
Download PDF • 157KB

A number of people have asked how to submit a complaint. Please use this link to do so.

Thank you.


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