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My time with Tourette Scotland

Earlier this year, we began inviting Occupational Therapy students to do a work placement with us. We recently had the absolute pleasure of working with student Kelsie Jamieson, who was a wonderful addition to the team, if only for a short while. Kelsie wrote the following blog about her time with us...

Photo of Kelsie Jamieson

My time spend with Tourette Scotland has been phenomenal! From day one my practice educators, Sarah and Elaine, made me feel so welcome, invited, and supported. The whole team were a delight to work with and by the end of my 8-week placement as an occupational therapy student, I felt like a real part of the team!

I was amazed everyday by the resilience, positivity, and strength that those in the Tourette community have, and it was wonderful meeting so many lovely individuals. I have gained a huge repertoire of knowledge on Tourette Syndrome and its coexisting conditions, heard real stories of individuals' lived experiences, and now have a deep understanding of the hardships individuals with Tourette Syndrome and their families face every day.

I have seen first-hand the difference Tourette Scotland have made for its community members, whether that is giving individuals a safe place to talk, supplying emotional support, or giving much needed advice, Tourette Scotland are always willing to support members in anyway they can.

It is with a heavy heart that I must leave due to finishing my placement, but I hope to be able to continue contributing to this amazing charity!

Thanks for all your hard work Kelsie, please don't be a stranger!


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