On Monday 31st October Michael Morton and Martin Donnelly (from RHSC Yorkhill) were invited to present a day seminar on the diagnosis and treatment of Tourette Syndrome in Stavanger, Norway.

The Chair of Tourette Scotland provided a Norwegian video to introduce the speakers.  (We hope that's what he said!).

The work of Tourette Scotland was described during the seminar and there was a presentation of results of the West of Scotland Group's survey of families experience of services.

A video of parents describing their experience in relation to their children's Tourettes was prepared by Tourette Scotland and was used to illustrate the seminar.

The invitation to present the seminar came from the Stavanger Child Neuropsychiatry Clinic, as part of a Norwegian Government funded programme to improve the quality of mental health services for children.

Services in Stavanger are very well resourced but the needs of children with Tourettes have not been prioritised until now.

The seminar in English was well attended by around 50 Norwegian professionals and some parents.

There were lots of questions raised and feedback from the organisers was that this had been a very successful day.